The Great Haddon sustainable urban extension is allocated under Policy CS5 of the Peterborough Local Development Framework Core Strategy adopted on 23 February 2011, which sets the district’s development strategy to 2026.

In addition, the adoption of the Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) in April 2012 confirmed the expected capacity of the urban extension (up to 5350 new homes, a new district centre and associated uses in the Great Haddon Core Area, with 65 hectares of employment land in the Great Haddon Employment Area. The adoption of the Planning Policies DPD in December 2012 sets out the development management policies which will govern the details of new development in the district.

The up to date Local Development Framework now in place embeds Great Haddon as one of the key features of the development strategy, and provides a robust policy framework against which to consider the application proposals.

The Employment Area of Great Haddon was granted outline planning permission in May 2011. This meant that an early start could be made on this element of the urban extension, helping to secure the early provision of jobs and economic activity on site. Implementation of this part of the development is well underway, with the infrastructure under construction and the first of the occupiers expected to be open for business in April 2014.

Discussions with the City, County and District Councils and statutory consultees on the Core Area proposals for Great Haddon have continued since May 2011, and a series of update reports, plans and technical briefing notes have been prepared over the last 18 months in order to inform the resolution of the outstanding technical issues.

This additional period of discussion and negotiation has resulted in the lifting of the holding objections for the Core Area from Natural England (10 August 2011) and the Highways Agency (26 November 2012). The Development Framework Plan and other Parameter Plans have been updated to reflect the requirements of local stakeholders and the Councils, specifically in relation to a reduction in the A15 and Great North Road access points and removal of development adjacent to the ‘Yaxley edge’.

All the additional information prepared over the last 18 months was submitted to the Council in February 2013, and it is expected that a further period of consultation will run until 27 February.

It is hoped that the Core Area application will be considered by the City Council at Planning Committee in Spring 2013.

Working Paper 14 sets out the key changes to the Core Area proposal since 2011. 

A series of Working Papers have been prepared which document all the work undertaken on the Great Haddon project to date.

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